General medical services
Resident Doctor

Our vision

To be indispensable to our patients.

homeCore values

Leadership: We provide guidance and inspiration through education, information, policy development and advocacy for patients.

Integrity: We set and maintain the highest ethical and professional standards for ourselves, our staff and our care.

Professionalism: We work with expertise, commitment and diligence to provide high quality care.

Commitment: We are dedicated to upholding the integrity and mission of Aruna Ogun Memorial Specialist Hospital.

Respect: We embrace the dignity and uniqueness of every human being and in all we do keep the interests of the patients first.

Compassion: We are sensitive and empathetic to the needs of others.

Our Mission

To promote the highest quality patient centered care.



Our Hospital opens 24 hours with Resident Doctors and has facilities for out-and-in-patient services, with Medical, Surgical Obstetrics, Gynaecological, and Paediatric Coverage.

The Hospital is manned by a competent Physician/Neurologist/Professor of Internal Medicine; and capable Staff Nurses and Midwives, Specialist Surgeon, Opthalmologist, Gynaecologist, Dental Surgeon: ENT Surgeon, Physiotherapist and Paediatrician are in attendance.

The hospital is also well equipped with modern facilities such as X-ray, ECG, EEG, EMG (The ONLY, center in the country), Spirometry, Ultrasound Scan, full laboratory service with blood bank among others.