About Us

Our vision
To be indispensable to our patients.


Our mission 
To promote the highest quality patient centered care.


Core values 

Leadership: We provide guidance and inspiration through education, information, policy development and advocacy for patients.

Integrity: We set and maintain the highest ethical and professional standards for ourselves, our staff and our care.

Professionalism: We work with expertise, commitment and diligence to provide high quality care.

Commitment: We are dedicated to upholding the integrity and mission of Aruna Ogun Memorial Specialist Hospital.

Respect: We embrace the dignity and uniqueness of every human being and in all we do keep the interests of the patients first.

Compassion: We are sensitive and empathetic to the needs of others.


LOCATION : An Ultra Modern Three Storey Building in Ikorodu Local Government Area precisely at No. 2/4, Bamimosu Street Ebute, Ikorodu, Lagos State.


Aruna Ogun Memorial Clinic & Maternity was the initial name given to the hospital when it was established in December, 1989 in a Three Bedroom apartment with a Staff Nurse/Midwife, One Auxillary Nurse, One Nurse Maid, A Cleaner and a Clerk in attendance.

The Clinic was later graded to a hospital with the new name ‘Aruna Ogun Memorial Specialist Hospital’ after satisfying all the requirements from HEFAMAA in Lagos State.


  • It is an ultra modern medical facility of 50 Beds (4 Amenity Rooms, 3 Semi-Amenity Rooms and other general wards). The hospital was commissioned in 1994 by the then Honourable Commissioner for Health in Lagos State Prince Abiodun Ogunlewe.
  • It is a well equipped health facility with the latest equipments in the Laboratory, X-ray, Ultra-sound Scan, ECG, ECHO, Dental Clinic, Eye Clinic, ENT – Clinic and manned by competent medical personnel, Specialist Consultants, nurses, midwives, para-medics, lab scientists/technologist amongst others etc.
  • It is also the only Private Hospital in the country where EMG/NCS (Electromyelography and Nerve Conduction Studies) is done for patients with Neurological disorders.
  • It is one of the biggest private hospital in Ikorodu and its environ so far and the Chairman Board of Governors is Professor Shamsideen Abayomi Ogun – A Consultant Physician/Neurologist and a Professor in Internal Medicine – B.Sc.(Hons): M. B. Ch.B. (Ife); Cert. Neurol (London), FWACP (Int. Med) and a Fellow of American College of Physicians as well.